CCAT Foundation Level Webinars

Like education and training courses all around the world, the CCAT Aeromedical suite of training courses has been deeply affected by the global Covid-19 pandemic since March 2020. At the current time, all face-to-face courses have been suspended until it is safe for our international delegate and instructors to meet again at the universities and venues where training takes place around the world.

It is anticipated that our normal UK program will resume in 2022 but everything, of course, depends on the state of the pandemic at the time. Until then, Aeromedical Training Ltd has converted all the theoretical training components into online webinar based packages.

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Aeromedical Transport Webinar Program

Pre-course teaching

  • Self-directed learning materials (lecture notes, problems, assignments and/or tests) will be sent prior to the course so that delegates can work at their own speed and self-assess their progress.
  • This ensures that all participants start the webinars with the same level of knowledge, whatever their specialty or seniority.


Webinar blocks

  • The teaching program must have consistency and currency in order to guarantee successful completion of the course and subsequent accreditation. We also know from recent experience that online training takes longer than classroom based face-to-face methods. 
  • Given these limitations, our webinars are 'live' and must follow in a set sequence in order for delegates to progress satisfactorily and to achieve the qualification.
  • Webinars use the Zoom and other online platforms. Invitations will be sent out during the week prior to the start of each course.

Webinar sessions

  • Our webinar days usually run from 08:00 until 15:00 (UK time). 
  • Each morning starts with an assessment of knowledge from the self-directed learning materials
  • Followed by half hour sessions with alternating lecture presentations and workshops. The workshops may be discussion groups, practical applications, case studies or video teaching - all of which are included to consolidate the main core topics. 

Course assessment

  • The end of the course is followed by a Single Best Answer multiple choice question paper.
  • Certification also requires 100% online attendance  and participation in all discussions, workshops and in-course assessments.

CCAT Webinar Program 2021

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Frühbucherrabatt bis 04.07.20: €450

Anmeldegebühr ab dem 05.07.20: €500

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