Patient Transport and Critical Care by Air


Background to CCAT Aeromedical Training


CCAT Aeromedical Training™ has been providing air ambulance and aeromedical transport education since 1996 and was the first program in the world to provide post-graduate training for those in the commercial airline repatriation and medical assistance industry. CCAT Aeromedical Training™ has provided bespoke training courses or study days in the UK, Channel Islands, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Canada, with further projects anticipated in Portugal, Spain, Africa (Nigeria and/or Kenya), Pakistan and India.

CCAT Aeromedical Training Courses and Study Days

Entry Level Courses

Clinical Considerations in Aeromedical Transport (CCAT) Foundation Level Course®

A five day introductory professional development course for doctors, nurses, paramedics and other health care professionals who currently work in patient air transport systems, or those who wish to do so. 

Next course: 23-27 April 2018

Helicopter Medical Flight Crew (HMFC) course®

A three day introduction to the aviation aspects of helicopter air ambulance operations (EASA/JAROps 3).

Next course: 28-30 April 2018

Advanced Courses

CCAT Advanced Course®

A three day advanced course for graduates of previous CCAT courses and others with appropriate experience in aeromedical retrieval and transport.

Next course: May 2018 TBN please enquire

HEMS Advanced Course®

A five day advanced course for graduates of previous HMFC course and others with appropriate experience in aeromedical retrieval and transport. The course covers pre-hospital emergency care, human factors and disaster medicine.

Next course: May 2018 TBN please enquire

CCAT Study Days

Immediate Life Support (ILS) for Flight Medical Crew®

A one day cardiorespiratory resuscitation course for those who work within the constraints of the flight environment. The course is accredited by the UK Resuscitation Council. 

Next course: 21 Feb 2018

Aeromedical Crew Resource Management (AmCRM)®

A unique Human Factors course covering the origin and evolution of errors and mishaps which can occur in aeromedical practice, and how to avoid or mitigate them. 

Next course: TBN please enquire

Medical Emergencies in Flight (MEF)® 

A one day introduction to the diagnosis and management of in-flight medical emergencies for passenger health professionals who may be called upon to assist in an emergency on board commercial flights.

Next course: TBN please enquire

Commercial Repatriation and Medical Assistance (CRaMA)®

For doctors, nurses and other medical assistance or travel insurance professionals who require an in depth understanding of the logistic and operational aspects of organising successful commercial repatriations. 

Next course: TBN please enquire

Flight Medical Crew Study Day®

Previously known as the Flight Nurse study day, the aim of this course is to provide a practical and ongoing regular training package which serves to update and expand on existing knowledge in retrieval and transport medicine by debate and discussion of current hot topics. 

Next course: TBN please enquire

Training outside of the UK

Worldwide CCAT Aeromedical Training courses.

Everything from training advice to conference workshops, and up to complete courses, have taken place in:

- Abu Dhabi

- Australia

- Bahrain

- Canada

- Cyprus

- Dubai

- Greece

- Hong Kong

- Ireland

- Istanbul

- Kenya

- Malta

- New Zealand

- Oman

- Thailand

- Turkey

Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training packages for individual organisations or aeromedical transport providers. Recent courses have included:

 - Paediatric critical care transfers

 - Neonatal transfers

 - Retrieval and Rescue Medicine

 - Aerospace Medicine


2018 Royal Aeronautical Society Conference

International Aeromedical Transport:

Concepts in Airborne Patient Management

The complexities of working in the aviation environment and the vast and rapid increases in both medical and aviation technology brings challenges to the nascent subspecialty of aeromedical transport. This conference looks at a range of topical issues in modern day ‘medevac’.

Conference date: 9 April 2018

Scenes from CCAT 2016 Foundation Level course

University of Surrey, London Heathrow Airport and Andark Dive Centre, Southampton in the UK

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What our students are saying

It was a fantastic course, I learned so much and the content and facilitation were excellent. I really enjoyed the visit to British Airways, but all the course presentations were great - clear and well conducted. Overall a huge thank you to Dr Terry and the team for a great course. A high level of professional instruction and knowledge was given.

Delegate of the CCAT 2017 Foundation Level course

‘The multimedia approach of the presentations, combined with many practical sessions, ensured a hands-on approach for delegates and afforded plenty of opportunity for audience interaction... For volunteers and observers alike, the site visits were valuable learning experiences.’ Pre-Hospital Immediate Care.

‘I would recommend this course unreservedly to anyone with even a small passion for medicine and flying. It is a brilliant course and well worth the expense. 

Professionalism abounds throughout.’ 

British Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Journal.

‘... not only were volunteers able to brilliantly demonstrate disinhibition on removal of their oxygen supply, but they also had the chance to experience Boyle’s Law at first hand, having earlier enjoyed a particularly good lunch.’