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What the Participants think!

The following countries have been represented by CCAT delegates since 1997:

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End of Course Evaluations

Every participant is invited to complete an extensive questionnaire after the course. The data from these assessments are then used to modify and evolve the course from year to year. CCAT continues to score highly on every part of these evaluations. A selection of the written comments follows:

"Just a final thank you for the course. I can honestly say that it was the best medical course I have ever attended, in terms of organisation, content, presentation, quality of the faculty and a great bunch of people from all over the world. I think everyone appreciated the hard work that had gone into making it such a success. I certainly came away inspired, what more can you ask from a course?"

"Thank you again for a wonderful week. Best course I have attended so far."

"I was indeed a great time attending the CCAT, very pleasant atmosphere, theoretically and practically very good, and meeting a lot of interesting people, dealing the same "passion".

"Thank you very much for the magnificent course. I've enjoyed it very much and met a lot of new friends. You and your faculty have done a great job in organising the course."

"Very enjoyable. A wealth of useful information."

"Excellent course. Thank you."

"Excellent course. Well planned, well taught."

"It was a good course. I could feel a great effort to keep things organised."

"Good value. Really enjoyable and interesting. Probably exceeded my expectations."

"Nice combination of social and professional foci."

"Good interaction and fun. Good textbook. Enough socialising time."

"It must be the gold standard for entry in to the specialty."


"Very enjoyable. Good social atmosphere. Keep the course broad-based."

"Excellent course. Very enlightening."

"Excellent value course - enormously helpful."

"Excellent, good team spirit. Enthusiasm rubbed off on delegates."

"Great content. Enthusiastic lecturers. Highly recommended."

Published Reviews of CCAT

'If I am honest, before attending the course I presumed there would be little to differentiate between CCAT and the RCN In-Flight course. Both have consistently received good reviews and have similar formats. What sets the CCAT course apart is the integration of all three professions. This facilitated some excellent in-depth discussion groups and enhanced each persons knowledge of the overall management of the patient in flight.

Were my expectations met? Yes, and not only that, I met many people who are keen to develop the specialty. To quote from the course textbook 'aeromedical transport is still the new kid on the block' and CCAT encourages multidisciplinary teamwork and a definite sense of being at the start of something really quite exciting.

The end of the course was very emotional and everyone would happily have stayed for a few more days had we not all had real jobs to get back to! The course was extremely well organized and, if you are serious about understanding more about aeromedical transport, whether as a flight nurse or office based within an air ambulance/assistance company, CCAT is the course for you. Plus - you will come away having met some very interesting, experienced and key people in the industry. A great way to spend a week!'
In Flight Nursing News, Spring 2008

'It became apparent from the start of the course that it was aimed at a wide audience. Doctors, Nurses & Paramedics were all represented and travelled from all over the world to attend (the prize for the furthest distance travelled went to an emergency physician from Australia!)……………. Perhaps the only criticism of the course is that it is enormously intensive and there is easily enough material here to fill two weeks……………. If you are planning a career in Assistance or Aviation Medicine, or are a current practitioner and want to spend a stimulating week exploring the complexity of the profession this course is not to be missed.'
ITIJ July 2002

'CCAT is fast becoming an international 'gold standard' basic training program for air medical personnel, and is being recognized as such by medical insurers in Great Britain.'
TraumaCare, May 2000

'I would recommend this course unreservedly to anyone with even a small passion for medicine and flying. It is a brilliant course and well worth the expense. Professionalism abounds throughout.'
International Air Ambulance, I0; Autumn 1999

'The multimedia approach of the presentations, combined with many practical sessions, ensured a hands-on approach for delegates and afforded plenty of opportunity for audience interaction........ For volunteers and observers alike, the site visits were valuable learning experiences.'
Pre-Hospital Immediate Care, June 1998

'... not only were volunteers able to brilliantly demonstrate disinhibition on removal of their oxygen supply, but they also had the chance to experience Boyle's Law at first hand, having earlier enjoyed a particularly good lunch.'
Pulse, March 1998

Published Reviews of MEF

'Everything you wanted to know about flying but were afraid to ask.' .......'Overall this was an excellently run and enjoyable course.' .........'I would recommend any health professional who flies to attend (the MEF course).'
Pre-Hospital Immediate Care, March 2000

'Is there a doctor onboard? ............ The MEF course ..... offers valuable access to the sort of environment and people who would be present when that call really goes out ...... MEF is still the only course that offers this type of training. It addresses important questions and answers them in a fun and practical way that promotes easy learning. The instructors are knowledgeable and approachable, and the course content allows for different medical backgrounds. MEF is recommended to any medical professional who flies.'
TraumaCare, September 2000

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